segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2007

Hello Inter A students

Today we got to know each other and decided on a name for the blog and to my surprise the title you chose is available. I´m sending you invitations to the blog so that we can all be editors.

I wanted to share this funny video with you, have you already seen it?

TALKING ABOUT FOOD Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Last class we talked about the difference between food and dish.

Learn different names of fruit: picture + sound .Very Good!

GAME: What fruit is it?

1. Listen to different people talking about their favourite food or dish and write it down.
2. In the COMMENTS area (below) write about your favourite food/dish. Don´t forget to write your name.

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Camila Borges disse...

Hi,my favorite food is italian food and chinese.I love pizza,spaghetti,yaksoba,bread with
tomatoes and orange juice.At the weekend I like eating at sahtten,hippo pizza or barolo.
And You?

estêvão camin disse...

Hi,my favorite food is chinese food.I like eating yaksoba,chinese rice, pizza and "pastel". At the the weekend I like going to hippo pizza, fon pin and china in box.

Fernando HBN disse...

My favorite food is italian food and chinese food. I don't like eating unhealthy food at home, because I am trying to cut donw it, but I love eat pizza and hamburger when I eat out.

Raiza disse...

My favorite food is Italian food, and Brasilian food. I love pizza, spaghetti, feijoada, churrasco and orange juice. I don't like eating unhealthy food at home, because I am trying to cut donw it, but sometimes I eat hamburgers and French Fries.

Ana Maria disse...

Hello everyone,:thumbsup:

My favourite food is Italian but I also like Chinese and Arabic food. I love lasagna and gnocchi. I´ve already tried Indian and Mexican food and I really liked them, I guess I enjoy spicy food. Every weekend I eat out, sometimes at the shooping mall and sometimes at my mother-in-law´s. I´m trying to cut down on carbohydrates in the evening to lose some weight.


Karine disse...

Hi, well my favority food is brasilian food, because i looove eating bean with rice and a very delicious and succulent beef.... and for shure drinking coca-cola....
i also like other kind of food, but my favorit is that!!! >,<
hum... now i'm hungry, hahahahha.... what about you?

Joao Pedro disse...

Hi, my favoritte food is american food cause' i like very much eating junk food, but my favourite dish is lasagna. At the weekend I like going to Mc Donalds, barolo and vitorios. I love french fries.
I enjoy italian and chinese food to but my favourite is american.

And you guys?

Marcos disse...

Hi, Me favourite food is italian food, and me favorite dish is pasta and pizza

lucas disse...

my favorite food is chinese food and arabic food.
i love yakisoba, kibe and charutos.
i don´t like eat unhealthy food.