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Grammar Revision

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket " A penguin was walking along the ice when..."

When talking about the past we can use the SIMPLE PAST, PAST CONTINUOUS and the PAST PERFECT. Shall we practise?

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Past Perfect (match)
Past Perfect ( put words in order)

Quiz: SPORTS. Listen to the recording and get ready for the quiz. Can you remember all the words?

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    Anônimo disse...

    Page 09
    2) Speaking

    * a time you cheated (in an axam or in a sport/game)

    I am playing 'truco' im my auncle's house last Sunday, when I cheated a card. My brothers don't see, but my mum, yes. Before the game was finished, I talk to all the people and the game started

    mariana disse...

    s with my friends. I had just learned to plau "truco".In the first play, me and my parter lost.
    well... we were we dicided to cheat. But i never had cheated before. It was my time to shuffle, all were neglect, but not me.So... i hid four cards, the moust importants and hard in the game, but the other pair had repaired. they had asked me to stand up, and finally they saw the cards and they had never more played cards with me and my partner